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JBN consults&planners

A Company Overview

JBN Consults and Planners is a Uganda-based, private, consulting company established in 2013 under Registration No.166289 with the Registrar of Companies.

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African Development Bank Albatross Civil Aviation Authority CCC Ficthner Local Government NEMA Rift Valley Railways STRATEGIC LOGISTICS UNRA

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Our Team is composed of many an expert with a cummulative number of over 200 years ...more info...

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Since 2007, the Firm has accomplished a number of assignments covering environmental and social assessments ...see more...

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JBN consults and planners gets a three thumbs up for their excellence work record and proven quality delivery. No other competitor comes evn close...Jonathan - Entebbe
Simply a three thumbs upMark - Jinja
Thanks a lot for my project!!!!Sarah - Sudan

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